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Originally, studies at Royal Media College focused predominantly on Radio and Television Presentation.


Royal Media College grants students the conceptual, analytical and practical expertise they require to work


The Royal Media College is molding the eventual fate of news and media. As one of the popular Journalism



Broadcast Journalism

Alongside taking journalism courses, our students receive handy experience by providing news content for the school’s week by week half-hour link broadcast News Vision and other media outlets. Therefore, our students consistently standout in the job market. Prior studies or experiences are not required for entry into this program.


Media Law & Ethics

This will be achieved by exposing students to essential records and cases and as well as the techniques for analysis. Upon fulfillment, students ought to have the capacity to clarify in expansive setting, existing media law and strategy and have the capacity to study and analyze future laws and policies. Students ought to likewise have the capacity to explain the ethical issues that are significant to media conduct.


Media Studies

The program utilizes an assortment of research strategies (including history, criticism and uses) and imaginative production (film-production, script-writing and visual communication). The Media Studies educational modules is intended to encourage an appreciation, awareness and understanding of content and messages, origins, advancement, interrelations and procedures of the media industries including:

Radio/TV Presentation

program for reviving and rejuvenating the voice for Radio or TV introduction. You will figure out how to express your identity and associate with your audience. Students will likewise get applicable training which will help them start their journey to becoming one of Ghana’s Top On-Air Personalities. You develop your presentation skills by grasping the principles, knowledge, the methods, by practicing the techniques and getting constructive response from media experts.


Sports News Presentation

Other than oral and written expertise development, covered topics includes print and broadcast correspondence, news media, photography, advertising communication, branding, and the lawful perspectives as they relate to sports correspondence and its administration. The course rounds up with group presentations devoted to a timely sports communications topic


Talk Show Hosting

 on TV and Radio media, the procedures and standards in exhibiting a show or news casting, the customs in presentation and how to associate and publicize through the TV and Radio media.
  This course is conveyed principally through spoken lecture. Since the skill you are learning is speaking related, it’s just sensible that you learn through speaking. The skill you will learn in this class is not basically theoretical or academic. It is an ability that requires physical habits. That is the reason you will be made asked to participate in various activities where you record yourself talking on video as well as watching yourself. 

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We Offer comprehensive practical hands on training to creative and innovative passions through our practical and theory academic practices.

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