Sports News Presentation

This course looks at the many varied segments that include communication within a sports setting. Other than oral and written expertise development, covered topics includes print and broadcast correspondence, news media, photography, advertising communication, branding, and the lawful perspectives as they relate to sports correspondence and its administration. The course rounds up with group presentations devoted to a timely sports communications topic.

What Will I Learn:
1 How to get compose your story before the game begin
2 Know what to look for during a sporting function
3 Who to talk to after the game
4 How to summerize up your stats and notes to find a storyline

Time of Lecture: Monday – Saturday (Flexible)
Duration: Six (6) Hours Per Week (Flexible)
Course Total Period: Twelve (12) Months
Course Total Cost Fee: GH¢ 4000 (First six months GH¢ 2000 & Second six months GH¢ 2000)
Course Details: Theory during the week & Practicals over the weekend
Required Number of Students: One (1) – Thirty – Five (35)
Course Requirements: SHS Graduate (Minimum)
English Language (Spoken)
Computer Knowledge (General)

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