Marketing / Advertising & Public Relation

The success of effective sales character based on sound customer bonds is the bedrock of the course. all the relationship between individual selling and alternate elements of marketing methodology are analyzed. Concepts from the behavioral sciences are examined to demonstrate their application in sales situation including the intellect of selling and the significance of relationship building. Attention is centered around the advancement and demonstration of successful sales presentation methods for retail, business-to-business, assistance and charitable selling. Each progression in the selling process (the pre-approach, the approach and presentation, evaluation of conceivable complaints, the closing and follow up) will be broadly examined, discussed and applied. The social, legal and ethical issues in selling awareness will be extensively examined.

What Will I Learn:
1 Promotion
2 Marketing Behavior
3 Marketing Research
4 Digital Marketing
5 Integrated Marketing
6 Social Media Marketing
7 Marketing Internship
8 Search Engine Marketing
9 Customer Relationship Management
10 Digital Marketing Analytics
11 Global Marketing
12 Special Topics in Marketing

Time of Lecture: Monday – Saturday (Flexible)
Duration: Six (6) Hours Per Week (Flexible)
Course Total Period: Twelve (12) Months
Course Total Cost Fee: GH¢ 4000 (First six months GH¢ 2000 & Second six months GH¢ 2000)
Course Details: Theory during the week & Practicals over the weekend
Required Number of Students: One (1) – Thirty – Five (35)
Course Requirements: SHS Graduate (Minimum)
English Language (Spoken)
Computer Knowledge (General)

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