Information Technology (IT)

The Diploma in Information Technology course clarifies why managers must see how Information Technology assumes a key part in both the structure and control of the cutting edge business. A successful manager must have grasp of the usefulness, capacities and impacts of the innovation that he or she should actualize and manage. This course exhibits a variety of the center ideas of Information Technology administration. The course will review such key areas as corporate frameworks, software, databases, information systems, communication and administration of personnel in connection to technology and from the perspective of the business manager. This course is perfect for management experts who wish to gain a an in dept understanding of the administration of Information Technology in the modern organization. The course is likewise perfect for those who might want to find out about the focal part of Information Technology in today’s work environment.

For the time being Royal Media College is accepting students who are interested in Hardware / Operating System and Networking Concepts. We will continue to update this page as our list of Information Technology Lectures increases…

Time of Lecture: Monday – Saturday (Flexible)
Duration: Six (6) Hours Per Week (Flexible)
Course Total Period: Twelve (12) Months
Course Total Cost Fee: GH¢ 4000 (First six months GH¢ 2000 & Second six months GH¢ 2000)
Course Details: Theory during the week & Practicals over the weekend
Required Number of Students: One (1) – Thirty – Five (35)
Course Requirements: SHS Graduate (Minimum)
English Language (Spoken)
Computer Knowledge (General)

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