Video / Photo Editing

Video / Photo Editing

Editing video is about movement, choreography, lighting, color, and psychology. In this video editing course, students will master the art and craft of video editing basically we use Adobe Premier but there are equivalent programs out there. We guarantee you will Work with a pro digital artist, you will critically explore how to apply time-honored principles of movie editing of course using today's digital technology. Demanding projects including editing a TV commercial, an interview, a narrative scene, a music video, a video diary as well as a text title sequence.

Almost every photo can profit by modifying, regardless of whether it's to rectify inconspicuous shading issues or roll out real improvements to the subject or foundation. In this course photograph editing course, you'll figure out how to transform great photos into showstoppers. Utilizing Photoshop's tools as well as filters, you will learn to apply seamless changes, practically upgrading your images so that no one knows work was done. Designers and photographers will benefit immensely by learning efficient professional routines also taught in this course.

What Will I Learn:
1 Understanding the Basics
2 Shooting and Editing Video
3 Editing Techniques
4 Rhythm, Motion, and Effects
5 Titles and Output
6 Editing Sound
7 The Editing Toolbox
8 Editing Portraits
9 Editing Products and Scenes

  • Time of Lecture: Monday - Saturday (Flexible)

    • Duration: Six (6) Hours Per Week (Flexible)

      • Course Total Period: Twelve (12) Months

      • Course Total Cost Fee: GH¢ 4000 (First six months GH¢ 2000 & Second six months GH¢ 2000)

      •   Course Details: Theory during the week & Practicals over the weekend

      • Required Number of Students: One (1) - Thirty - Five (35)

      • Course Requirements: SHS Graduate (Minimum)
                                           English Language (Spoken)

      • Computer Knowledge (General)

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