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Broadcast Journalism

The Broadcast Journalism course prepares students for competent careers in electronic news collection, analysis and reporting. Alongside taking journalism courses, our students receive handy experience by providing news content for the school's week by week half-hour link broadcast News Vision and other media outlets.

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Media Law & Ethics

The reason for this course is to introduce students to the major lawful, ethical and policy issues identified with the mass media. This will be achieved by exposing students to essential records and cases and as well as the techniques for analysis.

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Media Studies

The Radio-Television-Film program changed its name to Media Studies in 2014 to better convey the insightful and imaginative work the program conducts. The program utilizes an assortment of research strategies (including history, criticism and uses) and imaginative production (film-production, script-writing and visual communication).

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Radio/TV Presentation

It's Ghana's Premier Practical Training Class for intending/training On-Air-Personalities! It's a program for reviving and rejuvenating the voice for Radio or TV introduction. You will figure out how to express your identity and associate with your audience. Students will likewise get applicable training which will help them start their journey to becoming one of Ghana's Top On-Air Personalities.

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Sports News Presentation

This course looks at the many varied segments that include communication within a sports setting. Other than oral and written expertise development, covered topics includes print and broadcast correspondence, news media, photography, advertising communication, branding, and the lawful perspectives as they relate to sports...

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