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About Royal Media College
The Royal Media College offers nationally authorize programs which prepare students for their career in news-casting, advertising, script writing, business studies, disc jockey-DJ graphic designing etc. Our graduate students elevate their professions in mass communication and in learning technology and design, and many graduate students go ahead to seek after their degrees.

Our Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs in any field and its accreditation is covered by institute of commercial management (ICM) England. This means that our certificates conforms to England standard of education putting us among the exceptional Journalism schools who are qualified to award England base Certificates to our students.

Proven Results
While our amazing programs are attentive, we proffer students deligent academic adversing, resulting int solid retention and graduation rates.

Innovative Culture
We are always advancing, creating new courses and exceptional themes courses to keep our students and departments on the forefront of changes in the media professions.

The accustomed gains of a liberal arts guidance are vital to raising exceptional journalist. The division endeavors to maintain the College's central goal of making citizens who will be a prominent figure in their professions and communities.

The educational programs is based on a foundation of fundamental skills: law, Ethics and critical thinking. Students work across print, broadcast and Internet media however they may produce their own skill.

The state-of-the-art, multimedia newsroom as well as studio labs – cornerstones of the department’s program - bestows hands-on classroom experience and provide opportunities to raise professional newscasts and other content.

Faculty members come from various research and experienced backgrounds; a significant number of them are experienced print and broadcast journalists who give understanding beyond reading materials. Media experts frequently associate with students as guest lecturers.

small classes, a typical central subjects and a dynamic newsroom help create a sense of community group amid students. Departmental heads and administration give individual service, including year-round advising.

Internships are essential to the educational experience and students may look over an extensive variety of chances in print, TV, radio and Internet media nationwide.

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